The 1 Prom is designed and sponsored by The Living Water School.  It is a prom created for all students from any youth group, school or homeschool group  in grades 7-12.  It is our hope that students will enjoy a very positive, safe and elegant night, filled with fun, music and great food.  The DJ will be playing all gospel, Contemporary Christian and positive/clean music.  Chaperones will insure that students are safe and making good choices.  We also sought to find the best price we could find for a great evening!

How to register:

1. Fill out the online registration form.
2.  When the registration form is complete, an email will be sent to you describing payment instructions.
3.  The student and parent must sign the waiver and agreement to follow the standards of The 1 Prom.

Things to remember:
1.  Arrive 30 minutes early so you can take plenty of pics and be sure to get on the boat.
2.  Attire is modest and VERY formal (Guys should wear a tux or a suit and tie and girls should wear a gown at least to the knee). No low cut dresses or mini dresses.
3.  This is a Christian environment and we pray that every student will govern themselves accordingly.
4.  Have a great time in Jesus name!
5.  Youth groups or large homeschool groups should be accompanied by at least 1 responsible adult chaperone.

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